2010 was my first trip to "Bear Camp" at the Driftwood Lodge on Shin Pond. I went with an "older" friend. We had our own room with our own sink, toilet and shower. The meals were fit for a king. Plan on gaining 8-10 pounds if you eat three meals a day.

If you are lucky enough to come to bear camp, be ready to take "Tracy's Test". Here are some of the questions she will ask you: How many eggs do you want? Do you want bacon, ham, sausage or some of each with your homefries?. After dinner, she doesnt ask if you want pie; She asks what type do you want and how many pieces. They have both tree stands and ground blinds at their bait sites. Since I was 75 years old and have heart problems, Paul put me in a ground blind. I shot a bear the first night; we returned in 2011 and I shot a bear on the second night.

I spent the rest of the week eating, fishing, playing cards, etc.. I did land some nice Brook Trout. If you like Bass fishing, you are allowed to keep any Bass that you catch.

John, Maine

PS Did I tell you about the huge jar of homemade cookies!!

Dear Tracy,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts from Maine. That was so thoughtful of you.

I need to thank you and Paul for making Mike's 1st bear hunt so memorable. I know it is something he will remember forever. He had such a blast. Everyday he remembers something else to tell me!

Thank you for being patient with me when I was inquiring about the trip and for your help in making it a great surprise for him.

He has always wanted to do a bear hunt and I don't believe I could have made a better choice than Driftwood.

Mike said yoiu were all "quality" people and even though we havent met I would have to say I agree!

I cant thank you enough-
With warmest regards,

Jennifer E. , PA

Paul and Tracy Reed,

You are correct - the relaxing atmosphere allows us to leave our worries behind.

We sat on the porch of the cabin we rented and enjoyed the sounds of nature, the beauty of Upper Shin Pond and the friendly atmosphere. We had fun trying to catch the big ones as we fished each day. We told you all this to say "we will be returning". You are delightful people.

Larry and Abby, NJ

Dear Tracy, Butch, Doris and Paul and Paul,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write but I had trial right after I got back and well...

Bob, Charlie and I all had a wonderful time on our bear hunt with you and we look forward to our next trip. You folks provide a top-quality experience for your guests. There is no mistake about the thought and hard work you all put into making your guests happy. Everything from clean rooms, to well tended hunting stands, to the absolutely great home cooking. (Don't tell Delsie I said this, but I don't get home cooking like yours!). You folks are all wonderful company and I know many of your other guests are repeat customers which says volumes about how we all feel about you. Tracy and Butch, your sons Spencer and Joe are so well behaved and polite that you should be very proud.

The bear meat we brought back was still frozen as solid as a brick even after the 1770 miles back home. It's at the local meat market being processed into roasts, sausage and grount meat. Charlie is a pretty good cook so we'll let him handle the preparations ofr our wild game. Thanksgiving dinner: bear, doves and venison and if Bob and I are lucky a wild turkey and maybe a pheasant or two!

Again, many thanks for another great experience at Driftwood Lodge!

Roger K. , MO

My stay at this camp was wonderful. The food and people here were great. I hope I can make it here again.

John Sr., NJ

What can I say? Great time, great food, and a great bunch of guys.

Rich, PA

Thank you all for the best of times. You are all wonderful. God bless you all and thanks again.

John, NJ

Dear Friends,

I really cant express in words what I am feeling right now. But I can tell you that I will thank the Lord every day for allowing me to meet and make friends with such wonderful people. I'll never forget you all. I promise I will always keep you in my prayers.

Love in Christ
(Uncle Al)
PS- For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God's eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord ( Romans 6:23)

What a wonderful place, and even more wonderful people. We felt comfortable from the minute we arrived. Your hospitality, great food and generous natures makes me certain that I want to return again and soon. Best of health and happiness to Doris, Bruce, Paul and Tracy and the grandchildren. Jerry and Randy made great hunting companions.

Delsi and Roger, MO

Went rabbit huntingand had a very good time plus got a few rabbits. Food and Accomodations were excellent. Paul and his father are great people to know. I'll definately be back

Mitch, PA

Had a fun time hunting rabbits with Paul and the dogs. Thanks for the help pointing out rabbits and for feeding us so well. Had a very good time and will be talking to you soon.

Jeff and Steve, PA

Great food. Great hunting. Great times.

Thank you,

Roger, MA

Hey folks,

Still have a few days left here but we have enjoyed ourselves. Everything has been excellent , of course the bear certainly helped. Chris and I will be back.

Carl and Chirs M., CT

Thanks everyone for showing us a great time in Maine. Allison shot a bear along with Jessica and Steve. The food was amazingly good and they feed us large amounts. Mitch saw 3 bear and missed one. Ray seen nothing except a few rabbits and a pine martin. Hopefully we will see you again.

Jess, Allie, Jeff, Steve, Mitch + Ray, PA

Great people and plenty of food. The bear hunting is wonderful. Killed mine the first night I sat on my bait. A nice male. My kind of place. I hope to be able to return for a MOOSE! 5 stars in my book.

Lance S, GA

Thank you for a wonderful week. You made us feel like family. Great hunting camp experience for me. We will remember you and your fmaily. Don't go washing any trucks without me.

Julie S., GA

I really enjoyed the food. The camp people were very nice. Even though I didnt get a bear I enjoyed the experience.

Sue, IN

Everything was great. It was an experience.

Dan, IN

Bear Dead! Rednecks, dead bears, blue ribbon beer. Thanks for inviting us into your lives.

Dave, WV

Great time . Good food.

Bob, PA

22 seconds into woods, 1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot. Dead Bear!

Great time. Great Food. Great Company.

Rob, WV

This is our first time in Maine. First time also for Steve to bear hunt (archery). I cannot describe the excitement Steve felt when he harvested a 440lb bear!!! The entire staff and family here at the Driftwood Lodge make everyone feel so at home and welcome!! We felt like one big family with all the other hunters, wives and other guests. The rooms were comfortable and food delicious! The ladies greatly enjoyed the trips to Bangor and Bar Harbor ( B-A-A-H-A-A-B-A). We will miss each of you! Thanks for everything. Your friends from Fowler, IL.

Steve and Michele, IL

Had a great time....the food was the best I had.....The service was great everybody got along. Hope to come back again sometime. 190lb bear.

Thank you,

Stanley, PA

What a wonderful week......great food...good conversation...kind people... and big bears! Thank you for making our 1st family vacation so memorable.

Robin, Mardi, Zachary, PA

Had a great time. Good food and treated like family.

David and Jerra, CA

Butch, Tracy,

Just returned from a week at the Driftwood Lodge and was very pleased at the hospitality and professionalism demonstrated by Paul and Tracy Reed.

The lodge is clean, well maintained and the great home cooked meals by Tracy and her staff was a great added treat. No store bought food here for you McDonalds fans


Paul is a great guide, well mannered and polite. They will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and part of the camp and family. They are hard working and always at the ready for your needs. If one wants a great Maine week to hunt, relax, etc. I would not think of a finer place to visit, nor better guides to be with you.

Bob Z., MO


Thanks for helping my wife pick your camp, it was the best time.

Hope to see you again,

Mike E. , PA

i have hunted successfully three season's with driftwood lodge,and am highly anticipating my fourth.it can't arrive fast enough.paul and tracy reed go above and beyond.tracy and the girls are second to none,providing abundance of great food,comfort with a warm smile and good humor.paul and the boys spend many hours for weeks ahead of us,working to ensure plenty of bear action for all.it's a first class trip,not to be missed. (i'm in ) mike houghton sterling, ma

again folks, looking forward to my favorite hunt of the year..mike

Thank you for the great time I had at your lodge while hunting during bear season. It was an experience that had me near a lake with a beautiful view, great home cooked meals and a guide with experience to help me have two years with a successful hunt. Looking forward to another bear season at your lodge on Shin Pond, Maine..

Happy Hunter,
Mike C.