Bear Hunting Basics

The Driftwood Lodge and Camps offers guided Maine black bear hunts in Northern Maine. Our lodge is located on the shore of Upper Shin Pond, a 600 acre pond, in the town of Mt. Chase. We open our lodge once per year to dive head first into the baiting season and providing 10 lucky hunters with the experience of a lifetime. We are a family operated business that is committed to providing the best possible experience we could imagine for any of our guests. When we say no disappoints-period, we meant it. We are located right on the shore of a beautiful pond, surrounded by mountains and with excellent fishing for smallmouth bass, landlocked salmon and brook trout. Baxter State Park is just 18 miles away West of the lodge.


Weeks before your arrival, we have been carefully tending and baiting the bear sites. We take this very seriously and commit to you only the best possible opportunity. Many years of bear hunting have equipped us with special tricks and secrets that will make your hunt successful. Because of our commitment to you and your experience, you can sit back and enjoy the hunt.


When you arrive at the lodge, we will help you get settled into your room leaving you ample opportunity to roam around the property where you can relax, socialize or fish the pond. There will be time for getting acquainted with the staff, guides and fellow hunters. The first meal will be in the evening on Sunday with a large family style meal in hopes of filling you with great food, fun and anticipation for the hunt to come. Sunday will also give you time to buy your hunting license, sight your weapon and get settled in for the week.


Your room at the lodge will have bunk beds completely made with sheet/blankets/pillows. The bathroom has a stand up shower/commode/sink and we provide all towels and linens. Each room will also have a small refrigerator to accommodate any beverage/food you may bring with you.


The meals during the week are served family style three times per day with snacks and drinks available 24/7. Breakfast is served between 7am-8am with items like egg/toast/bacon/pancakes/muffins/cinnamon rolls/French toast/coffee/fruit/juice. Lunch is our large meal of the day and is served at 12 noon. This meal time is very important because the hunter must be done the meal and ready to leave for the stand by 1:30pm. Examples of a lunch meal might include meatloaf/baked potato/veggie/dessert, Spaghetti/meatballs/salad/bread/dessert, Chicken pot pie/salad/bread/dessert , roasted turkey/stuffing/smashed potatoes/veggie/dessert. The evening meal is lighter as the hunters come back to the lodge late and often at varying times. A typical meal at night would include soup/salad/bread/dessert, chili/salad/bread/dessert, stew in bread bowls/salad/dessert. Our cookie jar and dining room refrigerator is always stocked and available to you at all times.


As stated earlier, the hunter must be completely ready to leave for the bear site by no later than 1:30pm. The guides will take you to your bear stand/blind, walk you into the site, advise as necessary and leave the area to deliver the next hunter to his/her site. We make one “drive by” around 5:30pm for those hunters who may have harvested a bear allowing you to be picked up earlier. All other hunters will be instructed on how to exit the bear site for final pickup once shooting time commences. You will also be instructed on what to do if a bear is harvested and what rules to follow concerning your safety. Our guides will take you to the site to remove your bear and deliver it back to the lodge or track the animal if needed. In the morning, you will accompany a guide to the game station to tag the animal. Once back at the lodge we will skin the animal, place the hide in the freezer and quarter the meat. This is where your cooler will come into play when you leave. Your hunt includes taking you to and from the bear stand, removing a harvested animal from the site, tracking any wounded bear, gut/skin/quarter the meat, and packaging the hide. The hide and meat will be placed in a freezer until you depart. You will transfer the meat into your coolers when it is time to leave for home. Please discuss with staff if meat processing is available during your stay for an additional cost. Some opportunities for cutting up meat and vacuuming sealing the packages may be available.


After harvesting your bear, you will have the opportunity to fish from the shores of our lodge, explore the pond via boat/kayak/canoe, visit some of our local waterfalls or travel to Baxter State Park. You may also choose to take a nap, sit by the water, read a book, take a nap again or hang out at the lodge in the fellowship that only a sportsman can understand.


We hope that the above information will be helpful in providing you with details about your upcoming black bear hunt in Maine. This is our passion and our commitment to you. We hope you are blessed enough to harvest a Maine black bear, find fellowship in food and conversation and go home feeling rejuvenated and content. We promise to do everything possible to make this hunt successful and something you will never forget. If you have not been to our lodge before, you may arrive as a stranger but you will leave as our friend.


Please call or email if you have any other questions or concerns.


We look forward to your arrival.
Paul and Tracy Reed
# 34 Firewood Lane
Durham, Maine 04222


Lodge Address:
for use during bear hunt
# 76 Gardiner Point Road
Mount Chase, Maine 04765

Maine Black Bear Hunt - What to Bring

  • Clothing ( weather may vary, be prepared for both hot or cold temperatures)
  • Camouflage hunting clothes including gloves and face mask
  • Boots-water resistant
  • Rain Gear
  • Weapon ( if using bow or pistol, may want back up weapon)
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Camera
  • Cooler-must be large enough to accommodate meat/hide
  • Toiletries
  • Fishing pole-must purchase license to fish
  • Safety belt/harness for use in tree stands
  • Bug spray-unscented
  • Medications, eyeglasses, chapstick
  • Compass
  • Seat cushion
  • Hunting license- may purchase online or locally. Must provide old license or hunter safety card.
*** Cell phones do not work at the lodge. (Landline available) Wireless internet and cell phone access is available at the local store.

2012 Bear Hunting Rates for the Driftwood Lodge

Fully Guided Bear Hunts$1600.00/pp Non-hunter rates $535.00/pp

*A non refundable deposit of $600.00 per person will be required to reserve a spot for a bear hunt. The remaining balance will be due by August 1, 2012. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send a confirmation letter with information and details about the hunt.

    All prices Include -
  • Stay for 8 days, 7 nights (arrive on Sunday, leave on Sunday)
  • Daily housekeeping services
  • All you can eat meals, drink/snack access 24 hours/ day
  • Full Guide services
  • Game preparation- animal will be skinned, quartered and placed in freezer until departure
  • Access to motorized boat, canoe or kayaks. Life vests
  • Taxes
    Not included-
  • License Fees
  • Taxidermy services
  • Fishing gear-poles/lures
  • Special arrangements for eat processing can be made for addtional fee