Planning a bear hunt requires lots of time and are some frequently asked ones.

1. What is included in your Maine Black Bear Hunt and what is not?

Your hunt with us includes a fully guided black bear hunt in northern maine. You will arrive on a Sunday and leave on the following Sunday giving you 6 days to hunt for a black bear. Your guide will transport you to/from the bear sites, providing instruction and guidance through the whole hunting process. When you harvest a bear, we will skin the animal and quarter the meat for placement in the freezer. For an additional fee, our staff will process meat and place in vaccum sealed bags. You will have your own room/bathroom and be fed three meals a day including drink/snacks. At no additional cost will be access to motorized and non-motorized boats/canoe/kayaks. Not covered are your license fees/permits. Licenses can be purchased online at or locally when you arrive.

2. What are your accomodations?

Each hunter or group will have their own room which has its own bathroom and shower. Each room will be provided with bedding/pillow/towels and will have daily housekeeping services. The rooms are on the second floor of the lodge and the main dining room and sitting area are on the main floor. The main dining hall has ample room for cards and socialing and of course, plenty of room to enjoy the large meals. The sitting room allows for fellowship, fun and quiet if needed for those vacation time naps. Our lodge is located on the water and if you prefer to be outside, there are chairs by the firepit just waiting to be occupied.

3. Are my guides licensed and knowledgeable?

Our lodge has Maine Registered Guides that will take you to and from the bear sites and making sure your hunt is safe and successful. Maine has one of the hardest exam/test in the country to become a Guide so you can be assured that you will have the experience necessary for a successful but also a safe hunt. You will receive a pre-hunt briefing by our Guides to make sure you know all the rules necessary to harvest a black bear safely.

4. How many hunters do you have in any given week during the Bear hunts?

Out of all of the questions you should ask, this one should be a priority. The worst possible scenario for any hunter is to be just a number and to find that you are one of 20 or 30 hunters crammed into a week of used up bear sites. We promise that we will only have 8-10 bear hunters during any bear week. We promise to have 2, yes I said 2, active, never used bear sites per hunter. This allows us to move a hunter for any reason at any time. So, if we have 10 hunters we will have 20 active sites available for use during your week. Our philosophy has always been to have a "feels like home" atmosphere. We want you to become part of our family and our lives not just a customer. Read our testamonials. They speak for themselves!

5. What are your bear sites like and how many are at your disposal?

Our bait sites are on owned and leased property ranging from 15-45 minutes away from our lodge. This provides that a hunter will not have to travel in a truck for long periods of time just to get to and from the sites. We start in early summer prepping the sites and begin baiting in late July, weeks before you arrive. We place timers and cameras on all sites to ensure that all the baits are active. We analize each site to see whether a tree stand or ground blind would most appropriate and also look at which sites would be best for riflle or bow hunter. It really does take a special eye to find a site that will attract the best game and hopefully entice the big ones to come to the bait.

6. How do I obtain a Maine hunting and/or fishing license?

You have two options for buying a license. If you would like to purchase online, go to A bear hunter will need to purchase a big game license and a bear permit tag. If you plan on fishing you will need to purchase a hunting/ fishing liscense combo along with the bear permit. A lot of our hunters just wait until them come to the lodge and buy their license locally but remember you will need proof of a hunter safety course or current hunting license to purchase your Maine license.

7. How do you prepare the hide and meat if I harvest a bear?

When you harvest a bear, we will take pictures that night and early the next morning. After the game has been tagged, we will skin the hide. All bear are cut for a full body mount giving you any option once you get your bear home for the taxidermist. We can recommend a local taxidermist if requested. The meat will be quartered, placed in plastic and frozen until your departure. The hide will also be placed in plastic bags and frozen. For an additional fee, our staff can process your meat and place in vaccum sealed bags. They will be boxed and frozen until your time of departure.

8. Do you belong to any Professional Associations?

Maine Professional Guides Association, NRA and Sportsmans Alliance of Maine.

9. Are all meals included and what is served?

I dont think there is anything worse than a bad meal. You will not be hungry, period! We will feed you three full meals every day as well as water/drinks and snacks. Please see our bear hunts page for a sample of our menu items. Our lodge meals are like having Sunday dinner with friends, because that is what you will be once you arrive. We take great pride in buying local fresh meats and produce to provide you with the best meal we can think of.

10. What can I do if I harvest a bear early in my hunt?

Our lodge sits on the shore of Upper Shin Pond which allows you to fish, canoe or kayak any time you want. There is plenty of time before the hunt to explore the pond or simply relax outside. You will have access to motorized or non motorized boats, canoe or kayaks at no additional fee. We have life jackets and float cushions for your use as well. You will need to bring your own fishing gear. We are about 15 miles from Baxter State Park that has great site seeing as well as hiking trails. Closer to the lodge we have some local attractions like Shin Falls and some mountain hikes. Don't forget the option of taking that long deserved nap!

11. How do I reserve a spot and pay for my hunt?

If you would like to reserve a spot in our bear hunt, a deposit of $600.00 is required. Once received, we will mail you the appropriate information along with confirmation of your stay. The balance in full is due by August 1st. The deposit is non refundable but can be applied to another year. We understand that life has unexpected situations.

12. Can I bring a non-hunter like my wife?

Absolutely. We have many hunters who bring a non-hunting wife or vise-versa. The cost is $535.00 and includes all of our services minus the hunt.

13. What is your success rate?

Everyone asks the same question, what is your kill success rate? We average between 80-100%. These percentages reflect some things we have no control over like weather (heat, rain). Ask Debbie what it was like to sit through hurricane rains for 5 days or 2 years ago when the guys sat in 95 degree heat. We simply cannot change Mother Nature. There are also missed shots, wounds and hunters who disobey the cardinal rule of moving on the stand. Numbers are just that, numbers. Any outfit can provide percentages and numbers to fit any conversation or to make themselves sound better. Our promise to you is to provide you with every ounce of honesty and conviction that we have to provide what we promised. Heart and soul is poured into every bait site, every opportunity, every meal, every conversation. You will mean something to us and your experience is important to. Just come. You'll succeed.